Dry Season Farming: Micro tube Sprayer Irrigation for vegetable and other crop

Dry Season Farming: Micro tube Sprayer Irrigation for vegetable and other crop

As we are battling with climate change where the weather cannot be predicted again without the aid of meteorological equipment, it is now harder for many farms to produce at the needed time and get the maximum harvest. It is now important that farmers and farm investors start providing irrigation for their crop farm so that they produce all year round. Crops like vegetables find it so hard to survive heat and drought, so it is needed to provide them water

Irrigation is the artificial provision of enough water to crops for optimum growth and development through different means and tools. The first major irrigation is furrow irrigation where channels are made for water to pass from the source to the farmland. This is still majorly practised in the dessert and arid regions where soil allow the passage of water.

During my tour to various farms, either plantain farming, maize, vegetables in the northern part of Nigeria or Southern part, I found out that most of the farmlands are owned by peasant farmers and they are either on a small scale (0 ha – 5ha) or medium scale (5ha – 10ha).

In my quest, I found out that there is a type of irrigation that will really work well for their crops and vegetable farming and also cost effective. It’s called Micro Tube Irrigation.

Micro tube/hose Irrigation for vegetable farming is a tube perforated and able to feed your crop and vegetables with enough water . It is a type of  irrigation that supplies water to the root and leave system of crops and vegetables in a short period of time. It also increase the farm area humidity while in operation.

The irrigation system originates the Asia where farmers use it for rice farming, vegetable farming, plantain farming and many other crops.

Things to note before installing this kind of irrigation include

  • Your farmland dimension: This is the most important factor as it gives a clearer picture of how many meters of this micro tube sprayer needed for your farmland. The dimension for one (1) acre is 40m by 100m
  • Planted crop spacing: This is also an important factor as it helps to take better decision on how many rolls/ meters needed. For example, let’s take plantain spacing to be 3m by 3m or a vegetable row spacing can be between 0.5m to 1m
  • Crops to be planted: This will determine the number of crop stand per rows and column on your farmland.
  • Source of water: I will try to be straight forward, the best source of water is borehole but farmers that cannot install borehole can go for deep well but must be very sure that the deep well will supply more than enough water during the dry season (when there’s no rainfall and very low humidity).
  • Water storage: Water storage can come in different ways. water can be stored in form of streams, river deep-well and in storage tanks. The most important aspect is to get enough water water that will enough for each irrigation operation on the farm.
  • Farmland Topography: As we all know that not all lands are equal in slopes, a farmer must consider his farmland topography  before the installation process start.

In considering  micro tube Irrigation for Vegetable and other crops farming, the  farmer must be equipped with water pressure and water system knowledge as this will aid easier installation of the irrigation. However, if this cannot be fully known before installation, it is important that the farmer require the service of an irrigation installation engineer for his farm who is competent enough to install micro tube irrigation for vegetable on his his or her farmland.

You can Consult us Irrigation Services for your farmland. We have proven to have install both drip irrigation and micro tube irrigation for vegetables and other crops such as maize, pepper, tomato, plantain, watermelon and others.

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