Dry Season Farming: How to setup Drip irrigation Farming System in Nigeria

Dry Season Farming: How to setup Drip irrigation  Farming System in Nigeria

Drip irrigation system is a sort of small scale irrigation that can possibly spare water and supplements by enabling water to leak  gradually to the underlying foundations of plants, either from  the dirt surface or covered beneath the surface. The objective is to put water straight forwardly into the root zone and limit vanishing.

Trickle water system structures disperse water through an arrangement of valves, channels, tubing, and makers. Dependent upon how all around laid out, presented, kept up, and worked it is, a trickle water system structure can be more profitable than various sorts of water system structures, for instance, surface water system or sprinkler water system.

Drip irrigation system is the use of unadulterated water to the earth through different structures of drip tapes, tubes, pumps, and showers. Water structure is routinely utilized as a touch of fulfills where precipitation is sporadic or dry conditions or dry season is conventional.

There are many sorts of water framework structures, in which water is given to the whole field continually. Water framework water can start from groundwater, through springs or wells, surface water, through conductors, lakes, or stores, or even emerge sources, for example, treated wastewater or desalinated water.

In this way, it is significant that agriculturists ensure their green water source to control the potential for sullying. Also with any groundwater clearing, clients of water framework water should be attentive in not orchestrating groundwater out of an aquifer speedier than it is being empowered.


Types of Irrigation Systems

   There are different  type of irrigation system or processes, dependent on how the water is appropriated all through the field. Some typical kind of irrigation systems include:

Surface irrigation : Water is conveyed over and crosswise over land by gravity, no mechanical pump included. It is a traditional method of irrigation that consumes high quantity of water and also waste water. The larger part of the water body supplied through surface irrigation is lost through evaporatranspiration. This type of irrigation can also can carry pest and disease that will affect the growth and development of the crops

   Micro Spray Irrigation:  Water is conveyed through an arrangement of tubes and valves sames as drip tape irrigation but the tapes are larger in diameter sizes and requires more pressure to function well.

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  Gun Sprayer Irrigation: This is an type of irrigation that provides water to the crops in a projectile format. It works with the aid of a very powerful pumping machine. The Gun sprayer Irrigation is a self driving irrigation System that rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise. It is majorly used on fields that need high quantity if water.

Drip Irrigation System: This type of irrigation is the most widely used irrigation system in Nigeria, Africa and in the world. It is chosen by farmers because of these following reasons:

  1. It saves water than any other type of irrigation.
  2. It increases crop harvest.
  3. Plant water requirement is provided by drip irrigation.
  4. It reduces fungi and bacteria attack on crops and vegetables.
  5.  It is easier to install and maintain

Most gigantic drip irrigation systems use some sort of channel to prevent ceasing up of the little maker stream path by minimal waterborne particles. New progressions are by and by being offered that farthest point ceasing up. Some private systems are presented without additional channels, since consumable water is starting at now isolated at the water treatment plant.

Basically all drip irrigation system outfit makers recommend that channels be used and generally won’t regard ensures unless this is done. Last line channels just before the last transport pipe are unequivocally endorsed despite some other filtration system as a result of fine atom settlement and adventitious expansion of particles amidst the street lines.

Drip and subsurface drip irrigation system is used just while using reused metropolitan waste water. Bearings regularly don’t permit sprinkling water through the air that has not been totally treated to consumable water gages.

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In light of the methodology the water is related in a drip structure, standard surface jobs of organized discharge compost are when in doubt unfit, so drip frameworks routinely blend fluid manure with the irrigation water.

This is called fertigation; fertigation and chemigation (utilization of pesticides and unmistakable chemicals to sporadically wipe out the structure, for example, chlorine or sulfuric damaging) utilize compound injectors, for example, stomach pumps, chamber pumps, or suction gadgets.

The chemicals might be joined reliably at whatever point the framework is flooding or at between times. Manure hypothesis resources of up to 95% are being spoken to from late school field tests utilizing drip fertigation and direct water development when showed up contrastingly in connection to organized discharge and irrigation by little scale shower heads

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