How to choose the best irrigation system for your farm

How to choose the best irrigation system for your farm


Irrigation has been in existence for years and will never stop to exist because of the human population. Crop irrigation is very important for many crop farmers today, allowing them to bring water to where it is most needed to increase crop yields. Not all farm irrigation systems are the same, with some more suited for specific needs than others.

Farm irrigation systems are a big investment. Therefore, it is important to do the proper research before investing in any irrigation system. Crop farmers must determine which system will be the most efficient according to crop needs and the available system designs. Before investing in an irrigation system, make sure the one that is purchased is the right one to offer the most efficient watering and highest crops yields.

Many-a-times, Lot of farmers, agropreneur and investors do not understand how irrigation works talk less of the best irrigation system that is best for their crop. Moreover, there has been a change in climate which has a negative effect on our crops such as flooding, insect invasion, disease invasion and others. Different irrigation system such as Sprinkler irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Pivot Irrigation, Micro Spray Hose Irrigation, Furrow Irrigation, Flood Irrigation, Rain gun Irrigation exists to solve different irrigation challenges a farmer may face on the farm. To be a successful crop farmer, you have no choice to the first plan for the best irrigation system before you start cultivating your land.

I have witnessed so many crop failures due to non-provision of the irrigation system, and this has led to food shortage, hunger, and increase in food prices. As a farmer and a consultant, I have seen that the need for irrigation is very important.

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There are certain factors to consider before investing in the irrigation system. These factors are very important in decision making. They are:

  1. Farm Size and shape: before you ever consider the kind of irrigation to use, you must know your farm size. There are irrigation equipment that fit best for smaller farm sizes ( < or = 2ha) while there are those that fit best for bigger size (>2ha) For Example, it will be a fruitless project if a farm owner decides to install rain gun irrigation or sprinkler irrigation on a farm of 20 acres or above without a water pump of higher horse power.
  2. Farm Topography: farm topography that is steep slope, sloppy and flat will require a different irrigation system. A flat land may accept furrow irrigation but furrow irrigation will never work on a slopy land. The slope matters as it determines water pressure, water speed and effect on crops.
  3. Water source: The nearer the water source, the easier to choose a good irrigation system.
  4. Irrigation setup Cost: This plays a major role before a crop farmer can decide to install any irrigation system. A farmer must be able to know the setup cost of an irrigation system before its acquired.
  5. Soil Type: Soil serves as a water holding substance and make it available for the plant to absorb. There are soil types that hold little water while others hold more water. For any farmer to choose the best irrigation system, the soil type on his farmland must be factored in decision making.

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  1. Crop to be planted: There are some crops that require less volume of water while some require large volume of water. The irrigation system must be able to meet the required water volume for the planted crop before it can give the required yield.
  2. Labour Requirement: Irrigation system is a technology that requires skilled hands to operate it. Farmers must be able to operate the chosen irrigation system or get a competent hand to operate it.
  3. Fuel cost: Before there is any commitment to irrigation system investment, a crop farmer must be able to calculate the cost of fueling the chosen irrigation system for the number of days.

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Irrigation Systems are a considerable, yet necessary investment. For farmers to receive the best return on their investment and get the best yield from their crops, it is essential to use farm irrigation systems that are best-suited to field layout, crop type, and other specifics.

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