Why farmers need to use Adjustable Manual Maize Seed Planter for increase in Plant Population and farm harvest

Why farmers need to use Adjustable Manual Maize Seed Planter for increase in Plant Population and farm harvest

One of the reason is as a result of poor tools and equipment’s being used for farm operations. This is why an adjustable manual maize seed planter and fertilizer application was manufactured. The maize seed planter can also be used for fertilizer application and seed planting. It was manufactured to boost farm produce/yield  and mostly needed by small scale and medium scale farmers who can’t afford to buy large machinery for their farms

  Do you want to venture into maize and other crop farming or you dislike the way old family members suffer while planting their maize seeds and other seeds at the village farm? Adjustable maize planter is a good farm equipment that will end stress and increase your planting speed with no hassle, less dependence on human for planting and be able to achieve precision farming. Follow in this Journey as we unravel the advantages of using a manual seed planter

What is Adjustable manual maize seed planter?

Adjustable manual maize seed planter/fertilizer applicator is a simple device manufactured solely for the use of planting seeds. It is a machine that makes seed planting work easier, lees stressful and less human power per time. It is also used to plant other seeds such as soybean, watermelon, rice, cotton seeds, cowpea seeds and many other seeds. It is an alternative to mechanical seed planters and produced solely for the small scale and medium scale farmers. A manual seed planter can be used to plant seeds on an average of 1ha per day depending on the handler’s speed and land preparation.

Description of manual maize seed planter

 The adjustable manual maize seed planter is made with strong plastic materials, aluminum materials, rubber and foam. The aluminum materials serve as the handle to push the planter and also the spike that aid seed planting into the soil. The plastic materials serve as the store/house for both the seeds on one side and the fertilizer on the other side. It also serves as the roller directing the seeds and planters into the spikes before the seeds and fertilizers get into the soil. The planter comes with different seeders for different seeds sizes. All that is required for a farmer is to change the seeder in relation to the size of the seeds he or she wants to plant.

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  How does it work? Operation technique

 The manual maize seed planter plant both the seeds and the apply fertilizer simultaneously while pushing the planter with the aid of hand on the farm. All that is required by the machine operator is to keep pushing the planter on the soil after the loading the equipment with both seeds and fertilizer. The work gets completed in no time.

Uses of adjustable manual maize seed planter

  The adjustable manual seed seed planter is not used just to plant only one type of seed but many other seeds right from the tiniest seed to the biggest seed that the seeders can hold. It is also used to apply fertilizer at the same rate and simultaneously. It has been used for many years by farmers and it has increased their harvest and also better than manual planting method.

Which crop can it be used to plant?

Adjustable manual maize seed planter can be used to plant various seeds. The planting spacing can also be adjusted to fit into the standard spacing for the same crop. Adjustable manual seed planter/ fertilizer applicator is used to plant seeds such as

  • Cotton
  • Beans
  • Soybean
  • Maize/corn
  • Watermelon
  • Rice
  • Sunflower
  • Peanuts and others

  The working mechanism is that so far the seeds are round and of sizes the seeder can hold, thenmanual maize seed planter will definitely be the best to plant such field on the farm.

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Advantages of using adjustable manual maize seed planter

The advantages of manual maize seed planter are quite much and economical compared to planting seeds by hand. They are:

  •  Economical: Lots of money are lost to sourcing farm hand when planting seeds but the use of this equipment will surely reduce farm setup cost
  • Saves time and energy compared to planting by hand: A planter can cover an hectare per day with just one person handling it.
  • Its more cost effective: the owner can decide to make more money by renting it out to other farmers in the same locality
  • It gives accurate plant population:  One of the ways to make more income in farming is farmers to plant the required population per acre. Many farmers do not plant to optimum per acre because of planting though hand method and it also affect planning well.  1 hectare of maize farm planted using maize planter will give a total population of 80,000 plant population at 50cm by 25cm spacing using 1 seed per hole.
  • It removes labour stress:  Only one person is required to operate the planter unlike hiring many hands to plant on same area of land using hand method.
  • It makes the planting pattern easier:  Either a farmer want to plant on a straight line or a curve or round pattern, adjustable manual maize planter can easily do that in less time than the hand style of planting.
  • It plant seeds at the required depth: The seeds are planted at the required depth of 5-7cm which aid fast germination out from the soil and increase growth rate. The adjustable manual maize planter spikes has been designed to plant seeds at the required depth unlike the hand planting type which can never be the same during seed planting.
  • Gives room for adjustable planting Space: The planter spikes can be adjusted between 20cm -30cm spacing. No matter the spacing required by your seeds, it will definitely fall in-between this spacing.

What is the efficiency of adjustable manual maize seed planter?

  Apart from saving more time and stress, the manual seed planter has higher efficiency rate with good germinating results

How much is the adjustable manual maize seed planter

The cost of one manual maize seed planter do changes from time to time due to production cost, logistics cost and other cost attached. Click this link to know the current price of the adjustable manual maize seed planter. For interested buyers outside Nigeria, we are available to ship it to your address right from the production location with fast shipping method. Contact us by mail or call while we get the products across to you.  Payment return guaranteed.

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